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Tested Europe-wide in all weather conditions!

From Calderone to Kinnarodden, from +45 to -25 degrees C

Building materials for balcony and terrace coverings must be fit for use in all climates, even extreme ones, and must therefore be true masters of adaptability. They are meant to withstand the crispness of the permafrost found in Nordic regions just asmuch as the searing heat of a southern-country summer, or the constant changes between long-lasting wetness, frequent freeze and thaw cycles followed by long sunny spells as are common in central Europe.
With the BOTAMENT® Terrachamp system you are now having the freedom of choice again and are able to take your pick from a great variety of tiles and natural stones.

Mediterranean Flair

•Cotto •Clinker

Floor coverings made from traditional cotto or clinker are not only popular in southern Europe, but are also highly favoured in other regions due to their authentic look and their warm, natural colouring. With TERRACHAMP even the more absorbent types amongst these materials literally keep their ‘feet dry’.
The joint mortar BTF 200 TERRACHAMP gives further emphasis to the Mediterranean colour flair of cotto and clinker thanks to the joints’ colour fastness.

Classical Elegance

•Natural stone covers

Balconies and terraces with natural stone coverings look timeless and beautiful in equalmeasure. Be it rustic, naturally split polygonal plates, or fine, polished granite surfaces.
TERRACHAMP adapts perfectly to the different material characteristics of natural stones.

Modern ambience

•Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware in all dimensions has long since conquered outside
areas as well. Clear lines and precision shapes coupled with hard-wearing
surfaces meet the demands of contemporary building designs.
From finely structured mosaics right down to slabs in XXL size.
TERRACHAMP ensures in all cases, even when it comes to extremely
smooth, glass-type tile backings, a safe and durable adhesion
to the ground.