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One adhesive, one grout/joint mortar - zero problems!

A completely new binder agent technology!
The novel binder agent technology based on HYDRO O2 FLEX technology sets new benchmarks for a reliable fitting of tiles and natural stones on terraces and balconies.
The unequalled advantages of the TERRACHAMP system are:

• High protection against efflorescence
   thanks to HYDRO O2 Flex Technology
• Revolutionary colour-fastness
• Very open to water vapour diffusion
• highest flexibility and adhesive tensile strength
• Excellent application properties

What's particularly special: the already tried-and-tested construction methods and established rules in terrace and balcony execution are not being changed. Only the products subject to the greatest wear-and-tear
– i.e. tile adhesive and joint mortar – are replaced by the two new products, the adhesive TK 200 TERRA-CHAMP and the joint mortar/grout TF 200 TERRACHAMP based on the HYDRO O2 FLEX technology.

Highest flexibility and adhesive tensile strength

With the tile adhesive TK 200 TERRA-CHAMP we are redefining flexibility and adhesive tensile strength. No other tile fitting application poses greater demands in terms of flexibility and adhesive tensile strength than the one on terraces and balconies. In this area TK 200 TERRACHAMP exceeds all standards many times over. For example, highly flexible S2 adhesives in accordance with DIN EN 12002 reach a deflection of 5 mm.
TK 200 TERRACHAMP achieves a 14 times higher deflection of over 70 mm.
This has been tested by the Säurefliesner organisation.
- Säurefliesner-tested!

Revolutionary colour-fastness

We do not use any powder pigments to create the colouring of the joint mortar TF 200 TERRACHAMP. As a result, the tile fitter enjoys enormous benefits when installing the cover. No more smudging and smearing of the joint mortar, no more bleeding of colour pigments.
"Now we are happy to tackle balconies and terraces again!“

Very open to water vapour diffusion

The tile adhesive TK 200 TERRACHAMP and the joint mortar TF 200 TERRACHAMP are highly open to water vapour diffusion. This prevents damages that come about due to vapour pressure underneath the tiles.
Thanks to the low SD values (diffusion equivalent air layer thickness) of adhesive and joint, water within the construction is able to diffuse out to the surface.  This is proven to reduce frost damage to the construction to a minimum.

Excellent application properties

Every tiler knows the problem of high temperatures, wind and sun making the application of products on terraces and balconies impossible. Dies gehört mit dem ­TERRACHAMP-System der Vergangenheit an. Selbst bei den vorgenannten schlechten Bedingungen lassen sich Fliesenkleber BTK 200 TERRACHAMP und Fugenmörtel BTF 200 TERRACHAMP optimal verarbeiten.

High protection against efflorescence thanks to HYDRO O2 Flex Technology

The tile adhesive BTK 200 TERRACHAMP and the joint mortar BTF 200 TERRACHAMP are lime and cement-free. This completely prevents otherwise commonplace lime efflorescences.

“Summarizing the test results it can be established that the BOTAMENT TERRACHAMP installation system has proven its suitability for use on exterior terraces and balconies under the given test conditions and that in comparison with a cement-based system the product has clear  advantages from a material technological point of view regarding the avoidance of potential frost damage and lime efflorescence.”